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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered here, please use the contact us link above to send us a message!

Do I need an account to download a song?

Yes, you have to set up an account by creating a username and password and then buy a bundle of credits to download a song.

How long are my credits valid?

The good news is your credits never expire! You can use them today, tomorrow or a year from now. Once you've bought your credits - they are yours for good.

What product options are available?

Full Mix Song - the actual song.

Chord Chart - a chord chart for your musicians to use to play the songs live.

Music Video - a music video of the song with visuals of the singer singing the song often with dance and dramatic performance of the song's message (e.g., a music video on MTV or VH1 but with Christian themes)

Live Lyric Video - motion graphic backgrounds with song lyrics that match the music and theme of the song. The soundtrack is tied to these videos. You receive the video tied to all three versions (when available) of the soundtracks that include with BGV, w/o BGV and full-mix. These songs are ready for you to play in your services to enhance the live worship experience as opposed to manually running words via powerpoint, etc.

Tracks - soundtrack version of the song. You receive two versions, with BGV and w/o BGV as well as a lyric sheet in PDF format.

Dance Moves - these are demonstration videos to teach the dance moves for the song to your dance team/worship leader. (Dance Moves are only available with the annual subscription.)

What does BGV stand for?
BGV stands for background vocals. "w/ BGV" is with background vocals. "w/o BGV" is without background vocals.
Can I burn CDs or make copies of the recordings?
Out of respect for the writers, musicians and artists that make the music, we have set up a "policies and usage" page on the site. Please, go here to see what our various policies are for the different file types.
Do you have Dance Moves or song motions videos?
Yes, we do. The Dance Move videos are available only with an annual subscription. You choose between two options: 1) to have access to view only or 2) to both view and download. Continued availability requires annual renewal.
Where are the Dance Move videos located on the site?
After you become an annual subscriber, you also gain access to our Dance Move videos. These videos have the Dance Move/song motions for your team to learn. You can view and/or download (depending on your subscription level) these videos by logging into your account and thenselecting the song for which you would like Dance Moves access. Then, look under the "Dance Move" category to view or download the video. Please note, these videos do not appear until you are signed in as a paid subscriber.
Why are the Dance Move instructions only available with a subscription?
On Amber Sky Records we wanted to design a place for leaders that provides all of the music resources necessary for a Sunday morning. With the annual subscription, we packed together Dance Moves, devotions for your team, worship sets, leader scripts and sound cues that are exclusive to the subscription. This provides all the tools a worship leader or children's pastor needs to lead a dynamic worship time. Plus, receive 30 credits to purchase whichever materials (songs, soundtracks, music videos, etc.) you choose to download.
Will the song set choices included in the subscription still work for me if I don't use 252 or First Look Curriculum?
Yes, for any song choice that is specific for our curriculum (i.e., a virtue song), there are alternate song choices listed in the plans that you could use instead.
When do I have to renew my annual subscription?
Your subscription is good for one year from the day you purchase your annual subscription. At the end of your year subscription you can renew to extend your subscription for another year and continue to access the subscriber-only features like planned worship sets, scripts for the worship leader, devotions and Dance Moves.
How do I access my subscription privileges?
1. To view the benefits of your subscription go to www.amberskyrecords.com and then sign in to your account.

2. Once you are signed in you will see a tab marked "Subscription." Click on the "Subscription" tab. There, you will find the various worship sets, devotions and other leader resources you can download each month. We have three months of worship sets and devotionals available to you at all times. The new files are uploaded around the first of each month.

3. As part of your subscription, you also gain access to our Dance Move videos. These videos have the Dance Move/song motions for your team to learn. You can view and/or download (depending on your subscription level) these videos by logging into your account and then selecting the album of the song for which you would like to receive Dance Moves access. Then, look under the "Dance Move" category for the song title you need.

4. Your one-year subscription to Amber Sky Records will expire one year from the date of purchase.
How is the worship set in the Amber Sky subscription different than the worship set in the 252 Curriculum?
The worship set in the Amber Sky subscription is a more detailed worship set. It has sound cues, scripts for what leaders should say, and different options for songs each week. The worship set on Amber Sky suggests our new and updated virtue and Bible story songs as well. Also, with the included weekly devotions, Amber Sky will better equip your worship leader and team. The Amber Sky subscription is great for the worship leader who wants to take worship time to the next level.
Why can't I access the demos on the website?
It's possible that you may not have the right version of Flash Player to hear the demo tracks. Try going to Adobe.com, Click "Get Adobe Flash Player," and download Adobe Flash Player version It's free, and it will allow you to hear the demos!
Do you have CDs available instead of digital downloads?
Yes, CDs are available for purchase online at www.therethinkstore.org.
I use Media Shout. Why don't the video files play?
Media Shout prefers MPEG and AVI files. Our video files are QuickTime files. Go to http://www.mediashout.com/support/kb/custom.asp?a=4&q=71 to find out how to convert the videos.
Do you accept music submissions for consideration to be added to the Amber Sky Music website?
Yes, we do. We love finding new music that connects with kids and families. You can submit your music to us according to these guidelines:

1) Must be completely original music and lyrics. (Due to copyright issues, you can't use a generic track and sing along with it.)

2) Send a CD (or DVD) and lyric sheet for what you feel are your best five songs.

3) Send your contact info, email and related websites to share with us what you do.

4) Mail items to:

Yancy Richmond
c/o Amber Sky Records
2441-Q Old Fort Pkwy #354
Murfreesboro, TN 37128.
Items will not be returned. Thank you!